Europ Assistance, you live, we care


Home and Family

Develop the offers of big companies with personal and family care services at any time, in any place.

Specific reasons

  • To enable your customers to fully devote themselves to their private and professional lives through offers dedicated to their family and home.
  • To increase your customers loyalty and confidence by offering them the most innovative and efficient personalized care services in the market.
  • To recruit customers and make them loyal through additional, relevant offers that make their daily lives easier and safer.


  • Home & Family Care Services cover a wide range of business lines.
  • With services for people and the self-employed, aid in seeking or returning to work, pension calculators, and much more,  Europ Assistance enables you to offer your customers an unlimited range of solutions to make their daily lives easier.  
  • By drawing on a network of expert service providers, we can develop personalized, totally tailor-made care services for your company, which will enhance your offer and foster customer loyalty.