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The Care Services are an essential component of professional and touristic travels.

Specific reasons

  • Increase the loyalty and trust of your customers by offering them the most innovative services on the market, carried out by the pioneer of travel assistance.
  • Enrich and strengthen your offer with personalized and efficient assistance services and insurances perfectly suited to the needs of your customers.
  • Maximize your sales and profits thanks to attractive and relevant additional services.
  • Ensure the safety of your employees on their professional trips or during their time abroad as expatriates and enhance your image as responsible employer.


Plug & Sell


Plug & Sell is a unique and innovative e-business platform that reinforces your online shopping site with a wide variety of custom-made and value creating solutions. Built to be flexible and easy to spread to any brand platform, Plug & Sell matches your strategy. It enables you to increase you sales by offering complementary and dynamic offers to your customers (options, personalization…) With Plug & Sell, discover ‘the custom-made travel insurance’. Plug & Sell is also available on mobile phones either as m-trade site or integrated to a mobile application (e.g. on Apple, app-in purchase concept).



NetGlobers is a community portal about travelling that combines official information on more than 190 countries and user-generated content (travel reports/diaries, forums, an appraisal system of the countries…) The purpose of NetGlobers is to help your customers organize their trip by giving them a global vision of the country (health risk, vaccinations, food safety, emergency numbers, climate…) as well as alerts/information linked to its news.Europ Assistance also supplies the technical solutions needed to integrate NetGlobers’ content to your website: you can directly offer exclusive and relevant information to your customers.



The mobile application TripOrganizer helps your customers organize their trip aboard. Ideal tool to ensure customer loyalty, TripOrganizer offers practical services:
- To-do Lists for vaccines, first aid kit, official documents and all the must-haves
- Access to local events and Net Globers travel reports.
- Useful information for travelling/travelers: emergency numbers, currency modifiers, weather forecast, underground maps…) 
- The possibility of taking out complementary insurance policies. With the TripOrganizer Pro program, the application can be modeled after you brand and include information about your world and your products. Actually available on the AppStore, Trip Organizer will soon be available on Android’s MarketPlace.

Dos & Don't


Dos & Don't is the essential Mobile application to learn about other cultures and avoid any faux pas while traveling aboard. It offers fun videos about the current customs and practices around the world. You’ll learn what presents to make in China, how to greet someone in the Thai language or the time limit to order a cappuccino in Italy… With Dos & Don’t, you also have access to audio programs teaching you the essential sentences in over 20 European languages. Available on the AppStore.